lundi 28 mai 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (4)

Hello everybody ! This week I'm a bit too late with the hunt but anyway, here are my pics ! I won't write much this time, so let it start !
Coucou tout le monde ! Cette semaine je suis un poil en retard pour scavenger hunt, mais on s'en fiche, voici mes images ! Je ne vais pas trop écrire cette fois-ci, alors, c'est parti !

1. Beneath your feet:
Snaping every detail in my garden, I finally found my feet on this metal ladder...
Prenant en photo chaque détail dans le jardin, j'ai fini par retrouver mes pieds sur cet escabeau...

2. Capturing Movement:

The car was not moving so fast, but I loved playing with the lights of the dashbord :D
La voiture ne bougeait pas tellement vite, mais j'ai adoré jouer avec les lumières du tableau de bord :D

3. Texture:

Some old wood and a lovely plant hanging on to everything ...
Du vieux bois et une adorable plante qui s'accroche partout ...

4. Face your fears:

 Oh my, so many jellyfishes !! They were agglutinating in the channel of a nice city, Sète. Ouaak !
Oh mon dieu, tant de méduses !! Elles s'agglutinaient dans le canal d'une ville sympa, Sète . Arrrgggh !!!!

 5. Currently:

Currently, summer is on its way ! This weekend, I discovered with grand pleasure a whole lot of strawberries in the garden, many of them are still maturing, but I could grab some ... mmmm simply delicious !
Actuellement, l'été est en route ! Ce weekend, j'ai découvert avec grand plaisir dans le jardin plein de jolies fraises, beaucoup sont encore en train de mûrir, mais j'ai pu en piquer quelques unes... miam simplement délicieux !

Here we are ! Thanks for passing by :D have a great week !
Voilà ! Merci de passer par ici :D je vous souhaite à tous une excellente semaine !

9 commentaires:

  1. I really like the perspective of your first shot. Great job!

  2. Wonderful series. It is fun playing with movement shots, yours looks fun. Peace to you and yours.

  3. Love the photos, especially the movement! x

  4. Great perspective on beneath your feet. Love that.

  5. I love the deep red color strawberries.

  6. That strawberry looks DELISH! And that water looks so clear and wonderful (well, minus the jelly fish:-P). And isn't there just something nostalgic of going down slides? Great shots.

  7. Oh my, the jelly fish!! Love your take on movement. Great set!

  8. Beautiful colours in that strawberry pic, and great pov on that ladder shot. All those jelly fish... oh my!

  9. I love all your photos,such a nice quality to them ! love the beneath your feet, the best one I've seen. and the strawberry looks delicious.